Saturday, April 14, 2012

Things You Need to Win a Beauty Pageant

4 months ago, I competed against 274 amazing, intelligent women and won the title of Miss California USA 2012 in Palm Desert, California.  I can honestly say that weekend was one of the best and most memorable in my life.  I made wonderful new friends, found new confidence within myself, and faced my fear of public speaking...pretty good for one weekend!

The Miss California USA 2012 pageant was my first pageant I had ever competed in; however, now as I train for Miss USA 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I have had time to reflect back on what my strengths were, and what I have to work on for nationals on June 3rd.  Here are some vital tips I believe gave me a leg up on some of my competitors. 

1. A flattering dress

I don't think you need to spend thousands of dollars on a dress, I even bought mine at Nordstrom's! What is most important is that the dress fits and flatters your body type.

2. A comfortable pair for heels

When it comes to heels, definitely choose comfort over the design.  The judges aren't looking at your feet, trust me! If they did, I probably would have lost haha! My evening gown heels were a pair I have had since the 9th grade, but I knew they were comfortable, and I knew I could walk well in them.  My swim/opening number heels I bought at Footsies in Santa Ana for $10!

3. Spend your money on a well-fitted swimsuit

I think the most important part of the competition, especially during preliminaries, is the swimsuit portion.  Many girls can look fabulous in a dress, but the swimsuit competition reveals who worked hard for their fitness and who didn't.  A healthy, toned body takes months and even years to achieve, and it's vital to show off your body in the best way possible.  I would recommend a top with good support and a little push up, and bottoms that are flattering for your booty! (the butterfly cuts work well for most women).  There's a swim store in Newport Beach called Molly Brown's Swimwear and it has EVERYTHING!

4. A classy interview dress

Don't let your outfit outshine you in interview.  Many girls love to do big hair, lots of makeup, a sexy dress and high heels.  HOWEVER, this is your close-up..meaning this is your chance to show them your beauty, intellect and class in only a few minutes.  Don't waste any time having them distracted by how short or tight or bright your dress is.  Keep the dress or outfit simple; you want to look beautiful, not sexy.  Most importantly, your makeup should be flawless because those few minutes are your only close-up in the competition.  Also, simple hair is perfect.

5. Wedges for rehearsal

Wedges are the most comfortable heels out there! Most pageants require a ton of dance rehearsals, and you should be doing all of it in heels to get a feel for what the actual show will be like.  Get used to walking in heels.  Even if they give you the option to dance and do a mock 20 or 15 in flats, stay in your wedges which will be comfortable enough anyway.  Be as ready as you can for finals!

6. Trendy rehearsal outfits

DON'T wear a miniskirt or minidress.  I saw too many girls pull a Britney Spears all weekend, and directors and producers are always watching.  I think cute skinny jeans and a trendy top are perfect.  I also love long maxi dresses.  Make sure you bring a wrap, or a sweater to stay warm because with stage lighting, it's important to keep the theater cold.

7. Yahoo! News is best for brushing up on current events

When you make it to onstage interviews, you need to be prepared for the questions they will ask.  Most likely they are not going to ask some super political question; however, you should know the presidential candidates and what they stand for, the healthcare reform, the fight for rights on gay marriage, legalization of marijuana, abortion, and the education budget crisis. Also be prepared to answer questions about yourself such as who is your role-model, who inspires you, etc.  Just answer honestly like you would to a friend or family member.  Don't be over the top, it comes off as fake.

7. Bring snacks for you diet

If you're low carb, bring nuts, veggies, etc.
If you're vegetarian, bring protein bars, and anything else that isn't perishable.
I was very lucky I did this because there was nothing for me to eat when bulk lunch arrived.

8. The perfect make-up

MAKE-UP FOREVER.  Get it.  It will last all night flawlessly. As for eyeshadow, the NAKED palate from urban decay is unbeatable.  Also, learn how to contour your face. There's a contouring palate at sephora and ulta.

9.  Learn how to do a pin curl

Do this in the morning instead of your make up.  Do your makeup right before show time if possible.

10. Have confidence and a positive attitude 

11. Make friends and enjoy yourself.



  1. Commendable bits of advice for those seeking to compete in pageants. I fully agree with each and every piece of advice. I would also advise that ladies bring water because it is useful for staying hydrated and energy. Water also helps to cleanse your palate if you happen to snack on something that may smell not so desirable and it will help improve your speech in interview because you will not get "cottonmouth" so to speak. :)

  2. This was so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to write this.